30 Simple Ways to Add More Pleasure to Your Life


1. Eat food that tastes delicious. Chew slowly and savor every damn bite.
2. Put on a scent that you like (either because you enjoy the smell, it makes you feel sexy, etc.)
3. Take at least 30 minutes a day to do something for you and only you.
4. Feel yoself. Literally. As in: masturbate. Explore your body. 
5. Make time for people who make you feel joy, as often as you can.
6. Get out in nature (hike, swim, take some sun, etc.).
7. Read something you enjoy reading.
8. Have a personal dance party (my fave!). Doesn't matter if you look silly. Just move!
9. Try something you've always wanted to try but were too scared to or never got around to.
10. Write yourself a love letter.
11. Meditate or simply take a few deep, slow breaths.
12. Give yourself/have someone give you a coconut oil massage.
13. Try new sex positions.
14. Get creative (draw, paint, color, make a collage, etc.).
15. Wear something cozy AF.
16. Listen to an old favorite song.
17. Buy yourself flowers or a plant.
18. Let yourself BE rather than DO.
19. Use your vacation days. Every last one. You deserve it.
20. Laugh. Don't take life so seriously. Be silly. 
21. Dress up just because. Even if all you do is stay at home.
22. Have a day where you don't plan a thing and see what unfolds.
23. Explore a new town or city. Hell, even just a new restaurant or store.
24. Think of something you're grateful for each day. 
25. Play something you used to play when you were younger. A game, a sport, an instrument, anything. Bring out the child in you.
26. Do something kind for a stranger or loved one.
27. Have a conversation about something you're really passionate about.
28. Smile at someone.
29. Take time to do something you don't normally let yourself do.
30. Hug. Hold hands. Touch is important.

Wishing you so much pleasure in your life! You're worthy of it all.

XO Christie