[Podast episode]: Sexual Shame Busting with Christie Federico on "Connected with Emily Beatrix"


If you think you’d like to listen to a fun, real, raw AF convo with 2 crude “ladies” who are ok with being crude and who over-share about their sexual experiences so that we all can feel more comfortable talking about and expressing our sexualities, then you’re in luck, cutie!

My dear friend, Emily Beatrix, a nervous system health coach who specializes in developmental trauma resolution, invited me on her awesome podcast, Connected with Emily Beatrix. As one may assume by the title, it's all about authentic connection - to yourself, to others, and to the world. The vibe is two friends chillin in the kitchen catching up.

Besides our personal experiences, there are lots of valuable nuggets of inspiration and education in the episode for you to fully step into your sexuality. We jam on masturbation and getting caught watching porn, our first sexual experiences, STIs, sexual identities and labels, how to spice up your sex life when it’s gone stale, and more.

Listen to the episode here!

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