[Podcast Episode]: Sexual Empowerment, Boundaries & Worth, Healthy Relationships on "Self Love with Rhiana Meri"


Beautiful soul, Rhiana Meri, kindly had me as a guest on her podcast “Self Love with Rhiana” and I’m so excited to share the episode with you!

What juiciness you’ll find in this episode:

  • what Sexual Empowerment means and how to start your journey to your most sexually empowered self

  • my favorite tools for body confidence

  • STIs and how the stigma is the worst part (and how you’re not doomed if you have an incurable one!)

  • boundaries: what they are, how to put them into place, and some of my personal boundaries when dating

  • how to honor our self-worth within partnership

  • what makes a healthy relationship and how can you be sexually empowered within one

  • signs of codependency

  • what self-love means to me

  • my journey to becoming a sexual empowerment coach

Have a listen here and leave a comment below with your takeaways or any questions :)

With love,


Christie FedericoComment