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[Podast episode]: Sexual Shame Busting with Christie Federico on "Connected with Emily Beatrix"

My dear friend, Emily Beatrix, a nervous system health coach who specializes in developmental trauma resolution, invited me on her awesome podcast, Connected with Emily Beatrix. We jam on masturbation and getting caught watching porn, our first sexual experiences, STIs, sexual identities and labels, how to spice up your sex life when it’s gone stale, and much more!

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How To Be Sexually Confident

Becoming truly sexually confident is no easy feat. It takes a lot of undoing and unlearning. But thankfully, there are lots of small, simple steps that you can take to get there. Healing your relationship with your body and taking the time to connect with it, practicing mindfulness, expressing yourself fully and authentically, learning about and owning your desires, and ensuring you choose partners who respect you and accept you for all that you are are important steps toward becoming your most sexually confident self.

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