It's Okay to Seek Comfort in Times of Transition

A major career change (and with it, a lifestyle change) and the loss of someone who I used to rely on for comfort has me in a state of "what is my life and can it feel more secure ASAP, please and thank you!" I'm also mentally gearing up for a huge move in the coming months, which will only exacerbate these feelings. My need for comfort is likely not going away any time soon. 

Read on about how I'm allowing myself to seek and enjoy comfort during this time, and how you should do the same during difficult times of transition.

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What My Singing Journey Has Taught Me About The Importance of Doing Things That Scare You

Music has always been such a huge part of my life and was my first passion. I had dreamt about being a singer for as long as I can remember. The only problem was that I was a shy, quiet introvert who couldn't even gather enough courage to sing in front of one person to take lessons, or in front of her own family. 

I've had a few defining moments that made me say "fuck you" to my fears, and I bet they can help inspire you to get over your fears too. 

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