My Life Philosophy + Coaching Approach

I strongly believe in holism: the idea that parts can only be understood in relation to the whole. As such, I approach my clients with a holistic, nonjudgmental, and empathetic lens, deep diving into all aspects of their lives to understand what's truly holding them back from being the best damn possible version of themselves. 

I help my clients have fulfilling relationships with others and themselves, embrace and express their sexuality like never before, increase the amount of pleasure they experience in all areas of their lives, realize their potential and worth, recognize and re-structure patterns of behavior and thinking, and more – all while ensuring they are making decisions that are true to who they are at their core. 

My coaching approach emphasizes authenticity because I believe the way to the strongest connections, best sex, and the most meaningful and fulfilling life is through taking off the masks we've accumulated over our lifetime and simply being who we are deep down inside, letting the real us shine through in all that we do.


Coaching Services

My services include but are not limited to what is outlined below. You and I will work together to design a path of attainable goals for you to accomplish. Through my counseling and coaching training, I have developed a holistic, collaborative approach that is tailored to the uniqueness of each of my clients (i.e. this ain't no canned, formulaic coaching, folks!) After all, there's no one else quite like you. 

Because I treat each of my clients as unique individuals, the length of time we work together, as well as the frequency, will be determined by your goals and preferences. I hold coaching sessions via Skype/FaceTime and over the phone for clients all over the United States and world.

*I work with womxn of all sexual orientations and relationship statuses*


Sexual Empowerment Coaching 

Do you want to step into your sexuality; feel empowered and sexy; and express your sexuality with confidence and radiance? Do you want to feel more comfortable and in touch with your sexuality? Do you wish you could have more pleasurable sex with your partner(s) or communicate your needs and desires more clearly? Do you wish you had more love for your body and felt more comfortable in it? I can work with you to: 



Awaken and take ownership of your sexuality to feel sexy, confident, empowered, and free

Heal shame and guilt around your sexuality

Feel more confident and comfortable in your body — in and out of the bedroom

Understand and communicate your sexual needs and desires

Explore your sexual identity 


Dating + Relationship Coaching 

Do you want to have a closer bond with your partner but aren’t sure how to attain it? Do you feel stuck in a relationship that doesn’t feel right and aren’t sure how to get out or how to improve the relationship? Are you finding it hard to connect with potential love interests? Sometimes we get caught up in our own fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs which blocks us from having fulfilling, healthy relationships. I can work with you to:

Improve physical and/or emotional intimacy

Improve effective, authentic communication

Work through infidelity, commitment issues, and other conflicts

Increase dating satisfaction

Eliminate limiting beliefs to increase your self worth and confidence



Ready to explore what 1:1 coaching could look like for you?