Meet Christie 


Hey, love!

I may not know you personally, but trust me: I know you.

But how, Christie? Are you a mind reader? A creepy stalker?

Nope! I know you because I've been in your shoes. Your figurative ones; I'm not a creepy stalker, remember?

I know what it's like to feel like you're being held back. 

Like you're dying to come alive but you're afraid to or you're not sure how to.

Like your life is missing zest and pleasure and you know you're meant to find it.

Like you're craving deep connection and intimacy with romantic partners and feel like it just might not be in the cards for you.

You see, I went through years of struggling with body image issues, dating people who couldn't love and connect with me in a deep way, and feeling like I needed to hide parts of myself in order to be accepted. 

So I hid. 

I hid my body, my voice, my weirdness, my crass and goofy sense of humor – so much of my True Self. Parts that I actually love about myself and that make me me. 

I even hid the fact that I am insatiably interested in all things related to relationships, intimacy, and sex.

Until I finally decided enough is enough. Suppressing my desires and voice wasn’t bringing the contentment that I longed for. I knew I had to be bold and brave if I wanted to have a life full of all that I desired.

I was coming home to my Self, and I knew it was time to reveal my Self to the world.

With these realizations, I made small steps over time to create a life that I love – one that's oozing with pleasure in so many different ways. 

I quit the corporate world and studied mental health counseling, eventually deciding that coaching was a perfect fit. I've built a coaching practice that incorporates all of my passions – most importantly sex, sexuality, and relationships – and I couldn't love my career more.

I've stopped feeling like I had to hide my body and my sexuality in order to make people feel comfortable. That's not my responsibility. 

I've worked through my personal "stuff" when it came to romantic relationships. Because I've done the work (and continue to do so), I now attract higher quality prospects into my world – people who are able to connect with me in the ways I crave and need and who accept me just as I am, weirdo and all!

I am no longer afraid to speak up about who I am and what I believe. I express myself fully and understand that whoever doesn't like it is not for me. And that's okay.

Hell, I even dyed my hair purple!

Living my truth is what's most important and is the reason I feel so free and at peace within myself.

I sincerely want this freedom and peace for you, too.

I want you to live a life of pleasure that excites you each and every day.

I want you to love every bit of yourself enough to express every bit of that self with the world – confidently and fiercely. 

I want you to have deeply fulfilling and meaningful relationships and sex lives. 

And I know you want all of this for yourself, too. 

So let's hop to it!