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Audra H.

“I was gifted a coaching session with Christie and found it deeply healing. She is a powerful woman doing powerful work. She helped me unwind some of the shitty narratives I've been receiving and living out since birth around my body and sexuality. It is a powerful thing to have someone bear witness to your process of taking your own power back. To sit with you in a completely non-judgmental way and process through how complicated it can feel to exist in the body of a human woman. If you're interested in doing work around sex, pleasure, embodiment and self-integration, I enthusiastically recommend working with Christie.”


“After following Christie on Instagram for a while, I already knew she was open-minded and talked about difficult issues, but what I found during our sessions was how much she held my vulnerability and made me feel safe and honored. She helped me unpacked the issues I wanted to work on, summed them up, and showed me the “narrative” I was telling myself that was holding me back from achieving my goals. I felt so supported and heard, and walked away with a new perspective on relationships and my life work as well as little steps to take to create a life I want. Thank you, Christie, for lovingly guiding me through some difficult issues and helping me to see a freeing and exciting new narrative for my relationship with myself, others and purpose in my life."



"In the short five years my wife and I have been together, life has put us through a lifetime of challenges that over and over almost tore us apart. Christie allowed a safe space to open up, be honest, and with the right guidance I had a major breakthrough! Changes and realizations occurred that I never imagined would happen, that never happened in five years. Between her qualifications and the results she brings and how effective they are, Christie has a special gift I’ve never found anywhere else!"

Chelsa C.

“Christie's vulnerability and innate kindness make her one of those rare humans who you can talk to about the messy stuff and cry your heart out. She gives incredibly clear guidance, but allows you to draw your own conclusions, never passing judgment. I had some major breakthroughs throughout my work with her.”

Haleigh G.

“Christie is genuinely attentive and probably the least judgmental person I know. She listens, challenges me, and has many resources that have helped me throughout my journey. She questioned my negative patterns in a loving way and helped me look at them differently, and when I needed extra help she pointed in the right direction for ME. She just wants to help you grow into your best self.”


Deirdre J.

"A coaching session with Christie is the perfect mix of tough love and support. During our calls I felt safe navigating difficult topics such as body image and sexuality without any judgement. Christie is extremely professional, but we also had lots of fun and laughter during my sessions. If you want to feel like you're talking to your therapist and best gal pal at the same time, book a call with Christie." 

Meg M.

“Christie has a gift of seeing the most authentic you, and she guides you toward not just seeing it too, but embracing it fully. She does such heartfelt, deep coaching work in ways that feels as familiar and comfortable as with an old friend. She has helped me grow so much in every area of my life through 1:1 coaching and her Free Your Fierce group program. Working Christie has specifically improved the way I communicate my feelings and how I respond to that. I highly recommend working with Christie; she has taught me so much about myself and others. I have greatly improved my life and my true authentic self because of her!”

Lindsey B.

“I had never sought out counseling or therapy prior to meeting Christie. I was always reluctant to start the “screening” process for a therapist but when I came across Christie, I got the vibe even before we spoke, that she would get me, and she did. Christie offers a holistic, non-clinical approach to her counseling. Talking to her was like talking to a girlfriend and it was very easy. She offered insight that made me look at my “issues” from a different perspective and helped me look toward my faith to help make the changes I am longing for.”


"My wife and I have been going through a very rough year following our marriage and we realized that we needed to separate in order to find ourselves again. I was having trouble accepting that we were heading down this path and I've slipped in and out of depression with my anxiety bouncing around like a rubber ball. Christie allowed me the space to speak my feelings and thoughts and spoke encouraging words that provided me with a new perspective. She was kind and accepting of my situation and for someone like me who has had trouble opening up in the past, she gave me the energy and gentle courage to be brave. After our conversation, I walked away with more clarity for my situation and more confidence in myself. Whatever happens in my/our future, I can honestly say that talking with Christie has helped me find peace within myself to move forward. Thank you!"


"Christie is open, caring, and non-judgmental. She got straight to the heart of the matter and summed up an issue I was struggling to define; it felt like she was putting puzzle pieces together within my subconscious and I could see the picture clearer. She gave me perspective, things to work through, and actionable steps to allow me to continue my self-confidence work. "

Melissa C.


"Christie is amazing at creating the safe space that allows you to feel heard and to work through limiting beliefs. She listens intently, knows just the right questions to ask to get you going deeper, and I always walk away with a clear plan of next steps."


"I am married for a second time and have been with my husband for a year and a half. We are a good couple in love and totally in tune with each other; however, one thing was bothering me since we got together: our intimate talk after sex. I like to discuss the feeling after sex to have some sort of the feedback. But my husband is not the person that likes to discuss details and give feedback. So after talking with Christie, I realized that that was bothering me and I am not feeling comfortable about that. It was easy to talk to Christie and she was very helpful and very attentive. She encouraged me to be more assertive and speak honestly about what bothers me with my husband. As a result, I am much more happy in terms of our sex life."


“As I sit here reflecting on a coaching call with Christie that I was blessed with a few weeks ago, I realize that in 60 short minutes she managed to inspire a shift in my entire life. What’s even more profound is that it all happened purely because her empathy, compassion, and careful questions allowed me to essentially get MYSELF to EXACTLY where I subconsciously knew I needed to be. I can’t thank her enough for empowering me to recognize my own needs and desires and stay true to my 2019 goal of focusing on alignment in all areas of my life...and to top it all off we even had a few great laughs along the way!”

Lauren W.

“Having Christie listen to the issues I was having with relationships without passing judgment on what I was saying was amazing. I felt really comfortable discussing some sensitive relationship topics that had been bothering me for a very long time. Ever since our session, I feel like I am really becoming a new person when it comes to this aspect of my life. My anxiety has decreased and I've gained a ton of clarity on so many levels."

Susan D.

"I have worked with Christie throughout the years to truly find my path in life. She allows time to question and think about life without any hint of judgment. Her experiences, knowledge, and ability to comfort demonstrate how perfect she is as a life coach. Whether my struggles were professional or personal, Christie has helped me to feel better about my choices and guide me toward decisions that have only benefited my life. I cannot imagine not having this girl in my corner!"

Alyssa M.


"Christie is extremely professional and relatable and she listens without judgement. Rather than giving me advice to follow, she has shown me that I have the power within me to live an authentic life on my own terms. I've always felt pressured to fit in and look and act a certain way, but Christie has helped me to shed those insecurities and live freely."

Melinda N.

“Christie provided a 'safe-zone' with no judgements that made me feel comfortable enough to open up completely, deeply self-examine, find the fierce woman inside and finally start to let her out." 

Meghan D.


"Christie is a great listener, extremely empathic, encouraging, and motivating. She has wisdom beyond her years and uses it to help you find your inner passion and true self. Unlike many other coaches, Christie has the skills, background, and credentials of a licensed counselor. You will no longer hesitate to live the life you've always imagined with Christie as your guide!"