"In the short five years my wife and I have been together, life has put us through a lifetime of challenges that over and over almost tore us apart. Christie allowed a safe space to open up, be honest, and with the right guidance I had a major breakthrough! Changes and realizations occurred that I never imagined would happen, that never happened in five years. Between her qualifications and the results she brings and how effective they are, Christie has a special gift I’ve never found anywhere else!"


Deirdre J.

"A coaching session with Christie is the perfect mix of tough love and support. During our calls I felt safe navigating difficult topics such as body image and sexuality without any judgement. Christie is extremely professional, but we also had lots of fun and laughter during my sessions. If you want to feel like you're talking to your therapist and best gal pal at the same time, book a call with Christie." 


"My wife and I have been going through a very rough year following our marriage and we realized that we needed to separate in order to find ourselves again. I was having trouble accepting that we were heading down this path and I've slipped in and out of depression with my anxiety bouncing around like a rubber ball. Christie allowed me the space to speak my feelings and thoughts and spoke encouraging words that provided me with a new perspective. She was kind and accepting of my situation and for someone like me who has had trouble opening up in the past, she gave me the energy and gentle courage to be brave. After our conversation, I walked away with more clarity for my situation and more confidence in myself. Whatever happens in my/our future, I can honestly say that talking with Christie has helped me find peace within myself to move forward. Thank you!"


"I am married for a second time and have been with my husband for a year and a half and we are a good couple in love and totally in tune with each other. One thing was bothering me since we got together: our intimate talk after sex. I like to discuss the feeling after sex to have some sort of the feedback. But my husband is not the person that likes to discuss details and give feedback. So after contacting Christie and talking with her on the phone, I realized that that was bothering me and I am not feeling comfortable about that. It was easy to talk to Christie and she was very helpful and very attentive. She gave me advice to be more assertive and speak honestly about what bothers me with my husband. After we talked through I am much more happy in terms of our sex life."


Melissa C.

"Christie is amazing at creating the safe space that allows you to feel heard and to work through limiting beliefs. She listens intently, knows just the right questions to ask to get you going deeper, and I always walk away with a clear plan of next steps."


                      Susan D.

"I have worked with Christie throughout the years to truly find my path in life. She allows time to question and think about life without any hint of judgment. Her experiences, knowledge, and ability to comfort demonstrate how perfect she is as a life coach. Whether my struggles were professional or personal, Christie has helped me to feel better about my choices and guide me toward decisions that have only benefited my life. I cannot imagine not having this girl in my corner!"

Alyssa M.


"Christie is extremely professional and relatable and she listens without judgement. Rather than giving me advice to follow, she has shown me that I have the power within me to live an authentic life on my own terms. I've always felt pressured to fit in and look and act a certain way, but Christie has helped me to shed those insecurities and live freely."

Meghan D.


"Christie is a great listener, extremely empathic, encouraging, and motivating. She has wisdom beyond her years and uses it to help you find your inner passion and true self. Unlike many other coaches, Christie has the skills, background, and credentials of a licensed counselor. You will no longer hesitate to live the life you've always imagined with Christie as your guide!"